Hi, I uninstalled Mcafee Viirusscan and Security Center and have since been beset by a number of problems. Among them...

User accounts program comes up but the window is blank (no objects showing)
Internet Explorer does not work when I try to log into any secure site
The search assistant comes up but is blank
System Restore comes up but displays no objects or info

Some other info you may need to help diagnose...

I created my Daniweb account after the problems began and AM able to log into it.
I'm running XP Pro 2002 SP2.
I installed AVG v7.5 and scanned for viruses - nothing found.

Anyone have any idea what the problem is and how I might fix it?

Thanks in advance, Chauncey

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mcaffe is an antivirus as you know,i think you scaned your computer with this antivirus before this problems you found problems in some of the features in your computer,i think while scanning with that antivirus virus may be fount on the operating system files also and that virus ffected files may be deleated from your computer,so you lost some of the features of your operating system,to solve you just reinstall the operating system

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