hi, iam having problems getting rid of coolwebsearch(who is'nt)
i have tried to add Cws to my restricted sites list in internrt options. i am told that this site exists elsewere (i.e. in trusted sites) when i go to trusted sites the "sites" tab is greyed out not letting me add or view any sites in there!...

anyone got any ideas on this

thanks in advance if you have

Which OS are you using and do you have administrative privaliges on the computer?

Ad ware is a growing problem. I run several removal tools and about every 3rd boot I still get the "bargain buddy" puppy in my tray. I'm behind a router, I use zone alarm, I run ad aware, spybot s&d, BHO demon, hijack this and norton 2005 (which recognizes a lot of ad ware) and I have a shortcut to regedit on my desktop.

The only thing I have found that works is using Firefox as a browser instead of the vaunerable IE.