Well, the old Armada M700 hardly seems worth rescuing this time... EXCEPT IRREPLACEABLE FILES ARE ON IT. And Goddess damn it all, I forgot to back them up. So, can anyone help?
Here's what's going on:
Last night I shut down my computer. This morning I go to turn it back on, and BAM! - It says that Windows can't start properly. So, I think "Oh f***, not again..." I tried starting Windows XP in Safe Mode, Using the last known working config, and booting it the normal way. None of them work. I tried running the Recovery Console, but I don't know enough about it to use it.
I don't want to have to reformat my drive again and start over (I just had everything fixed two weeks ago with the harddrive and everything - I got a brand new one) AGAIN so what can I do?! Please, I can't handle losing everything on that drive! I have irreplaceable photos, as well as a first draft of a very important piece of writing that is going to be published. (or was... it won't be if I don't get it saved)
So, I'm begging you, please help me if you can. I'm desperate.

Take out drive put it in another machine and see if it will boot.

If not your could try recover my files, google it.

Actually slave it into another machine.....much easier
Good luck


I don't really have another box I could put it in.... my dad has this huge-a** thing that can take eight drives, but I'd like to be able to solve this without slaving it into his.
But, thanks guys, and I'll try your suggestions.

///Update on comp status:
When PC Gamer said that the option "Use last known good configuration" almost never worked, they were right. G'd it all.
I have tried the quick recovery console (or tried to run it... not working...) so that I could do a scandisk and see if I picked something up, or if the files are corrupted anywheres.
I'm going to try and go back in today and repair XP. I've got 12 hours to do it, so I'm hoping that I can get it going. ///

Thanks guys.

Take out drive put it in another machine and see if it will boot.

If not your could try recover my files, google it.

I tried recover my files, but the problem is that it looks like you need to be able to boot your computer and get it all the way to the OS before you can use it.

Okay, I looked at a couple of websites: http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=310396 and: http://www.pcbuyerbeware.co.uk/Recovering_Windows_XP.htm#console

It looks like with the help of these I might be able to get XP up and running again. If not, well... let's not go there.
In the meantime, any suggestions are appreciated :)

Recovery attempt #1: Repair Windows XP
Status: Repaired, but boot into Windows failed. (did the repair not work correctly, then?)
Attempt 2: Bootcfg/Rebuild recovery using the Recovery Console.
Status: Working on it right now

It took eight and a half hours... but I did it... *wipes sweat from brow* I have never done anything more mentally challenging in my life... it was almost a thrill (except when I wanted to slit my wrists over it...)
First, I tried to repair Windows XP. That didn't work, so I went into the Recovery Console, played around in there for a while and did a checkdisk, and then rewrote the boot sector, then I tried to repair Windows XP again, and it worked...