I have a problem w/my DVD Drive. It is recognized by the computer, but will not read DVD. I have swapped teh DVD ROM with another on and I get teh same result. It has tobe in the software/computer. I have gone into the Reg Edit and deleted the upper and lower class. nothing is workhttp://www.daniweb.com/forums/myimages/editor/color.gifing. Please help

Have you made sure it is not a codec error as i can be sure that windows media player can't find the codecs so it won't play the dvd.
My suggestion would be to try vlc media player it is 100 times better than wmp & has all the codecs intergrated into the program already so no need to be downloading loads of stuff.
I recently tried to play a dvd on a pc i tried 4 different dvd drives & in the end found it was windows media player.
I installed vlc media player then inserted my dvd in & it plays fine.
Give it a try mate.

I have tried CCCP and another Codec player. I believe that VLC is on my machine. I will check when I get home. My concern is that there is a conflict between the DVD and another program. Problem is I don't know where to begin. I will double check my Codec when I get home. Is anyone aware of a program that would tell me if there is a conflict between hardware/software?


Run a good anti virus program like superantispyware pro.seems some files are corrupted or infected

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