Ok, I've had it, SP2 causes more problems than it fixes.

Although, im not quite sure how to uninstall it. My guess is I just go to add/remove progs and select Servie Pack 2 yada yada but i have a terrible vision of it uninstalling more than just SP2...

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EEk. This is why you always do backups ;) Hehe. If I remember correctly, SP2 was pretty darn buggy when it first came out. Theoretically, you should be able to just go to Add/Remove programs, but I wouldn't count on it doing a clean job, especially with something as integral into the operating system. Personally, I wouldn't try it unless you had a nice backup image of your drive you could use. I highly recommend Drive Image, which was formerly by PowerQuest, but I'm pretty sure Symantec recently bought them out.


Yes, you should at least backup your important files first; a drive image would be a good idea too because things often don't go as planned.

To uninstall SP2, boot into Safe Mode, then remove it with Add/Remove Programs.


Hmm if its that risky I wont bother :D I'll just hope microsoft release updates for it anytime soon as I cant uninstall norton. God I hate norton anti-virus....


Serch the Knowledge Base at Symantec's support section for instructions about uninstalling the program. there are manual removal procedures listed there.

SP2 is not 'buggy'. It's a major sytem overhaul, and if your system has existing problems before it's installed they'll be magnified afterwards, just as they are if you do an 'Upgrade install' over the top of a crappy old OS installation.

If you're having problems after installing SP2, you should accept that either the system install is in a bad state or some of the software you use isn't up to scratch. format and install clean, then install the Service Pack and it'll run perfectly well. No problems ghere with it, and none whatsoever from anyone I know who runs a clean and wel-maintained system!

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