Whenever i hit CTRL+ALT+DELETE my task manager pops up, then befor i can do anything it crashes and i have no clue why.

Microsoft.com wasn't anyhelp, and my help topics on my computer didn't eather :mad:

What to do?? :?:

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Also i just relized when i went to run regedit it also crashed :cry:

did you check you Pc for spyware, viruses?
You can also try this:
start-->RUN and type msconfig and hit ok.
on the window click on the start up TAB, uncheck the ist and then hit apply and then ok. it will ask you to reboot and then try one more item.

if that doesn't work. You can also try this.
start-->run and type sfc /scannow. You will need the winXP for that.

let us know what happen.

It's certainly a good idea to check the startup list in msconfig, but I'd suggest a more methodic method than simply 'dasable it, see what happens'.

Check the entries in the list against an online database of Startup items, and you'll soon find out what they are and what they do:


dstart-->RUN and type msconfig and hit ok.

start-->run and type sfc /scannow.

let us know what happen.

Both of those dont work eather. msconfig crashes just like regedit and taskmanager :mad:

did you try in SAFE MODE?

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