Dell Latitude D610 P4, 512mb, 30gb HD, XP Pro SP2

Please help. My daughter's laptop caught a virus which avg found. She tried to quarantine it but it kept reappearing. She then tried deleting it, then on startup, a window appeared entitled 'Isass.exe' with the message 'An invalid parameter was passed to a service or function'. When the 'ok' button was pressed the machine would reboot and the message would reappear whether in safe mode or not. So these are my problems:

1. I removed the HD and tried to save her files onto my PC, but as her system uses a password to log on I was denied access.

2. I tried to repair the boot files using recovery console but I was denied access to that as well as a previous owner has set up an administrator password - enter doesn't work.

3. We decided to bite the bullet and risk a repair install of XP, all was fine until the 2nd half of installation. The blue setup window appeared and so did the damn Isass.exe box.

So now the machine is stuck halfway through the installation and nothing I do seems to make any difference. If you have solutions to any of the above I'd be extremely grateful. I've trawled the forums but none of the posts seem to have ALL these problems.


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try putting it in you computer again and use your antivirus program to scan the harddrive to remove any viruses

Thanks caperjack - I'll try that & post back the results.

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