I´m hoping someone can help.
System restore is not listed in the My Computer Properties. I have searched the web and tried to restart it using the Microsoft KB using Net Start, but, it doesn´t want to play.

Every suggestion I have found seems to assume that System Restore is listed in the Computer Management Console under services, but (just to be awkward), it isn´t listed, so, I am unable to activate it.

I am running a standalone home PC, WinXP Pro, Ver 2002, SP2.

I bought the pc from a friend and neither Sys Restore or Task Manager were working, I have managed to re-activate Task Manager. I assume a past virus may have caused both problems, but, none are now present. The pc was recently cleaned using Malware Guard and is currently running Avast Anti-Virus (Free Version), though I have just changed from AVG 8.0 which did not report any problems before removal yesterday when I installed Avast.

Can anyone help?


When I have problems using System Restore I always boot in SAFE MODE then click on START, Programs, Accessories, System Tools and System Restore is in that list.
Hopefully you will find it there also.


I wish it were that simple, System Restore is not listed at all, it does not appear in the Start Menu, or the My Computer properties (the System Restore tab is not there).

The only place I have found it listed in any way was in the gpedit.msc/Computer Configuration/Administrative Templates/System/System Restore where it was listed as´not configured´ and a Microsoft KB advised to set it as Disabled prior to amendments made in the Computer Management console where the system restoree did not appear, so, I could not finish the fix posted, hence my plea for help here.

I hope this info helps someone diagnose the problem I am having