Hi, Can any one help? My IE is so slow I first noticed when browsing ebay, I noticed that the picture action was canceled too. I had good conection speed with all other sites except ebay, Then the Next day all browsing was so slow but my download speed was fine.

I have updated to sp2 xp. I can't remember if I updated befor or after it got slow.

I have restored my notebook to a previous date but the problem is still there. :eek:

Can you try running a different browser, like Firefox, and seeing if that makes any difference?

Have you tried to clean you browser history log?
Clean cookies? Clean you registry? Defrag your HD...
All this can effect your browser work.
One other thing - Do you by any chance run any P2P program ? cause if you do - there is the reason for your problem...
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yeah i have done that and firefox works quick. but IE still very slow

yes i clean them regular, I don't know what p2p is??

P2P is Peer-to-peer. It refers to programs like eMule, Kaaza, etc. I don't think that's your problem.

Do the following: click Start, select "Run...", type "sfc /scannow", click OK, and let the process finish. After the process has finished and you have handled any dialog boxes that popup from the scan, check IE and see if it works better.

If IE still seems slow, use this guide to clean up and optimize the system.

just done that but still slow. Thanks for your help.
Anythink else you can think of???

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