I have an older Gateway that was originally set up with Me (yea, I know). Recently, I installed 2003 and upgraded through the internet with 2007 packs. I purchased XPSecurity for virus control and it obviously did not work, as I soon become infected with numerous viruses. Asking everywhere, I was directed to uninstall all the systems, excluding the original Me and then load the System Restoration disks. I unstalled everything and restarted the computer, in anticipation of loading the System Restoration Disks. The computer will not start. It gives me the infamous Blue Screen with an error message and then attempts to restart into 2003. I have tried the Safe Mode to Reboot Mode and it always attempts to restart, gives an error message (Something about Manager Utilization...one line...an error) and restarts again. I reviewed the BIOS, by pressing the F10 key. But I do not know enoughf about this function to do any good. I think that the computer is "dumb" in that by removing all programs, it does not have a system to start on?? Either way, I need help to get the damn thing to work. Any suggestions would be most helpful.
Miss Phedora

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It sounds like you need to change the boot order so the PC boots to the restore cd's and not the hard drive. In the bios, you should have an option for boot order. Change the order to boot from cd, then boot to hard drive. Save the new settings, and reboot with the restore cd in the drive. From there all you have to do is follow the directions.

Hey Eric, thanks for the quick reply. As stated, I know where the Bios are, but that is about it! In the Advanced tab for the Bios Setup Utility, there is a Boot Configuration. the First offers Reset Config Data (yes, no) and Numlock (yes, not). I have played with these to state yes and no, but nothing has changed. Bios also has a Boot tab. This tab offers numerous options. Within this category:
Quiet Boot is Disabled
Intel (R) Rapid BIOS Boot is Enabled
1st Boot is set at ATAPI CD Rom
2nd Boot Device is set at Floppy (yep, floppy)
3rd Booth is set at IDE-HDD
4th Boot is set to MBA UNDI; and
5th Boot Device is disabled.
Out of six remaining categories, the only relevant ones are CD-DVD Detection Warning that is Enabled and the Hard Drive is Disabled. Sorry to be a pain, but I am definately in uncharted waters! Suggestions are greatly appreciated!!
Miss Phedora

It appears that your bios boot settings are in order. You should just have to put your restore cd in the drive and boot up. If that doesn't work you may want to run cd drive cleaner through the drive, or copy your restore cd to a new cd and try it.

I have an older Gateway that was originally set up with Me (yea, I know). Recently, I installed 2003 and upgraded through the internet with 2007 packs.

Ok.. does it still have ME ( workstation software ) or windows 2003 ( server ? ) and up to 2007 ( are you talking office product and not operating system ).

Kinda confused as to what you upgraded. Did you try to install Vista on this system?

Originally, it was loaded with ME. I up graded with Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition (disk). The other up dates were products (office suites) off of the internet. Right now, it displays (very briefly) 2003 Windows before it gives an error message and reattempts the loop. No, I will not use Vista.
Thanks for your reply!

Since you've had so many errors with current Windows, I strongly suggest a full-format of your c:\ drive for a clean install of Windows system.

Now did you check the system specs and make sure that ALL the hardware was able to run a Server product?

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