I was having problems with my monitor so I ordered a new NEC hooked it up and restarted the computer. Than I found out that it wasn't the monitor at all had the same real grainy bad color in the screen. So I figured it was the Video adapter. So I tried to disable it. Rebooted the computer and got a much larger screen with the same grainy appreance. I tried to disable the other one and rebooted and now I have no video at all. I have video when I boot but as soon as it get past he Windows XP Professional is loading screen I loose it.

I tried coming up in safe mode and I just got hung there, tried to reboot from most current good configuration and that didn't work either.
Any help you can give me would be greatly apprecated. I am writting you from my laptop so I can get emails back from you.

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Instead of safe mode, try selecting "Enable VGA mode" at the boot menu.

If that doesn't help, then you should probably do a repair install of Windows XP.


Thanks for the response, A buddy of mine had a spare PCI card I put that in and it is working now. I just ordered a Radeon 9600 SE AGP to put in. Hope that works so I can give him his PCI card back.

Thanks Again,

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