I have loaded windows SBS 2003 several time each time with different levels of partition removal and format. I have tried different installation CD's. Each time I get the same result.

Windows SBS loads and all the standard questions are answered. Windows starts and everything appears normal, BUT the management console that is supposed to start when windows starts with its to do list and the SBS setup process is no where to be found. The management console start option is missing. I must be doing something wrong but I cannot see what. I tried booting into safemode but this produced nothing of any value.

The server is an old one that used to runner SBS and now need reloading. Can this be a result of a hardware issue??? I am grasping at straws here....

Any help or suggestion very welcome.


I have solved the Issue. The CD-ROM drive was slowly packing up and so did not do the full installation as I had expected it to. Once I changed the CD-ROM drive I was able to finish the setup process and got the server up as expected.