I bought half life that came with two disks.I run the auto popup screen that install a so called steam program.no sign of half life (original disks).after the install a run steam and it says cant find steam.dll.I download file and it says cant find steamUI.dll,I download and install the file aswell but here it still screams cant find file.wots up with that.and why all the fuss if its original disks.any suggestions please.

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I'm not sure if this will help you at all, but I had a similar problem not too long ago. couldn't install BattleField 2 with the actual disks... the .cabs were requiring me to download .dll files.

so I made an ISO image of the disks using Nero and then used Daemon Tools (virtual drive) to install and play the game.

like I say, may not help, but a suggestion.

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didnt work but thanks 4 respond

thanks for your respond,I will try that, worth a go.
Ill mark this tread as solved cos this will probably be the last thing im gona try.
so much for a original disk. thats y i just crack


ha ha...
Seems originals are not as good as their pirate(bugs fixed) versions...

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