I am hoping you can help me. I have some videos to download and was told to 'right click>>save as' to save them to my HD. When I do this, only 2kb downloads and shows as the browser icon on my desktop. When I click on the icon of course, there is nothing. I can left click and view online OK. but I really want to save them to my HD.

I'm sure it must be something to do with my computer but have no idea what it is. The vendor says there is no problem with the download links and has been unable to give me any advice. I have recently downloaded a video from another source without ant problems and I am not having any problems downloading material in general. My OS is WinXP Pro.

Joe Watson

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Are you able to provide the website? I can perhaps check to see if I'm able to download the videos. If not, which browser are you using, and what comes up with you left click on the link; a new window? Is the new window a smaller looking browser without an address bar? Or is the new window a regular browser window?

Some websites don't allow downloading videos and other media types directly to your hard drive. Some view their material as proprietary; others have specially designed players that have ads.



When I left click it opens a new regular browser window and the video eventually downloads to view online. I have sent you a PM with the download URL



Sorry, I forgot to mention my browser is Mozilla Firefox


The video is a streaming video and cannot just be saved to your harddrive. There are tools out there that you can use to record an entire stream, but these don't always work very well and often times bypass the media owner's copyright. Most streaming-only files are set up that way to prevent people from saving their own copy.

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