I recently installed Itunes. Since doing this windows media player has added duplicates of most of the music files. I am running windows xp with sp2 which was upgraded from windows me. Computer runs fine but since installing itunes I noticed in windows explorer that itunes installed itself in the my music folder inside the my documents folder. So I am thinking that when I start media player it looks for new tunes in the folder it is monitoring. Well it automatically monitors the "my music" folder which also contains the itunes folder which is full of all of the music that is already in the media player's database. therefore I get twice the music, taking up twice the space? Why do I have both? My son just got an ipod.
Until then I strictly used media player. Now itunes has all that music and when media player looks it loads the duplicates. Is there no way around this. I went into windows explorer and moved Itunes from the "My Music" folder and just put it in "My documents" by itself. When I start it up, Itunes re-installs itself in the "My Music" folder I just took it out of. So then I have 2 of them. To further complicate the issue, I also have on my desktop a folder full of music files that I have downloaded. This library is where most of the music that is used by both programs is stored. When I download music to that folder, Itunes monitors that folder. I don't have Media player monitoring any folder other than the one that it automatically does, the "My Music" folder, and I can't change that. I can however change which folders are monitored by Itunes, I think. Confused yet? Hey, I am not totally ignorant on this thing I have installed and re-installed hard drives, memory cards, sound cards and stuff so if someone has both these programs on their computer and they both work well and don't interfere with each other, (which I think is the case), please let me know the steps needed to get around this. I like different aspects of both, I would like to keep both. All ears here. Thanks

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i will jusr touch on part of your post because i never read it all ,just to say itunes sucks ,and it didn't install in your music folder that is where it keeps playlist info and other stuff and music file it rips from cd's if you chose to do so.it did not install there .

thanks for the input, sorry you are so bummed. You are correct, "My Music" is where Itune has its library. This is why I believe I am getting duplicates in Windows Media Player. It monitors that folder every time it starts. Not totally sure about Itunes but it does seem to have no other option as to where I want it to keep its folder. HMMM? Hope you get to feeling better.

lol,im fine ,i don't use either ,just have to help my wife figure out how to use I tunes .lol

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