computer moron, here. The computer (tower--maybe from 2003) I use every few months for pictures isn't working. It comes on, the blue hp screen comes up, then the "thinking" windows screen comes on.... and stays. Eventually the screen goes blank and the routine starts over. I just want to get the baby's pictures onto some disks and be done with it already. Any ideas what I should do? Will what I do to fix the problem erase all those photos?! I hope not...I've been trying to back them up onto disks for a while now. Thank you so much in advance for your help!

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try safe mode see if it works ,hitting f8 on bootup .
also if you have another computer in the house you could remove hdd from bad computer and install in other as slave to get the pictures off ,if no other computer ,remove hdd and take to computer repair shop and they could copy your pictures for a small fee.
hdd=hard disk drive


um, how do i remove the hdd? can i use my laptop? thanks for the reply...and the patience!


No you can not use your laptop for the hard drive unless you purchase an external drive box to connect it to your usb. To remove it, make sure your PC is unpluged, open the box, in the front (normally under your CD drive) you will find a hard drive that is connected to your PC by a flat ribbon (IED) and a white? power cable. It will have from 1 to 4 screws holding it in (depends on who has been working on it) you may need to remove the cover on the other side to remove screws from that side. With the screws and wires removed, the hard drive will just slide out. Take it to a friend that has an idea what to do or take iut to your local PC repair place and ask them to copy your photos to CD.

Did you try starting in safe mode (Pressing F8 as the PC tried to start and then selecting safe mode or use the last config that worked? sometimes in the safe mode start up screen you will be asked do you want to use system restore, if so click yes and select a highlighted date when your PC did work properly.

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