last week i downloaded firefox using the link provided on the opening page of the dani web web site. But i had huge problems, as it came with sarchsave as the default search engine, which i didnt like so i tried to delete it but this was impossable as it had taken over a whole partition in my hard drive 25 gig, i have since fixed that problem but i am very shy of using firefox now. Has anyone else had this problem, for the short time i used firefox it seemed to be a good web browser and i would use it again but not with that web browser

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Firefox is a great browser. Never had any issues with it. Not sure what you mean about it taking over your whole partition on your hard drive. But glad you were able to fix your problem. Don't be shy about using Firefox. Give it a try again.

Try downloading it from mozilla site and install it. http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/


I am really amaze when I use firefox. I don't encounter problems with it. If you've got a problem try to retry it again.


you are right i have downloaded from the site that you recomended and there has been no problems
thankyou for your help

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