Hey guys,

I am beyond the point of despair now. Let me explain what happened:

Just several hours ago my AVG detected ardamax keylogger. I quarantined this keylogger and rebooted my computer.

Upon start up, my computer no longer works. If I open internet explorer for the internet, I see my homepage. If I try to go to another other site or links, a new window opens up. This new window is just a blank white page with nothing in it and freezes until I ctrl+alt+del. But even then the task manager shows no applications.

Nothing will run, not word documents or any programs (They all respond in the same way by opening up a new blank window and freezing). Basically I’m reduced to waving my mouse on the desktop and clicking on icons which then freeze up on starting the application.

I can’t download any windows updates because explorer won’t work, or any anti virus programs to remove ardamax. Even cds and USBs can’t be opened.

I have tried a system restore, but always end up with ‘this restore was unsuccessful’.

I can’t even start in safemode, when I F8 from reboot, it simply takes me back to normal windows mode.

I have also noticed that the icon for internet explorer is a ‘file unknown’ icon instead of the blue ‘e’ (A minor detail but I thought it prudent to add in).

If anyone can share similar experiences and how they solved it, or any technical advice it would be much appreciated. I have so much college work saved on this computer and I absolutely can’t afford to reformat it and have been reduced to an embarrassing crying wreck.

Please help! I’ve been up all night on my room mate’s laptop trying to solve this problem.

If it helps, I am also using windows XP (sp2)

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It most proberbly will not work but you could try repairing windows by booting from your XP Cd and when prompted "found a version of windows, do you want to repair" click "R" and repair. The best way I know is to put your hard drive in another PC (that is virus protected) and run a virus scan on it there, repairing any Virus problems. If that will not work you can save your info from your hard drive, format your hard drive and load back your info.


It most proberbly will not work but you could try repairing windows by booting from your XP Cd and when prompted "found a version of windows, do you want to repair" click "R" and repair.

Isn't that for opening the Recovery Console?

@Jenny : Which computer is this? Have they provided a Restore CD of some sort, or atleast an XP disc?


run the windows repair reinstall by following the steps
Insert the xp cd in the top drive>>Turnoff system>unplug printer and speakers>>as soon as you turn on the system you get a message "press any key to boot " hit the enter key>>then system will load files and you will come to a screenwhich would say welcome >>press enter>>press F8>>press the letter R and follow the instructions on the screen


I dont know what system ashleythegr8 is running but. Yes insert your Windows XP cd in any drive (top centre or bottom) and click start, shutdown, restart. On " Boot from CD" click any key. Allow windows to continue loading files etc until you are asked, " found version of windows, do you want to repair, if so click "R". you will need to reenter your serial number and at the conclusion it will ask if you want to register. Say not now to registration as it is still registered and activated and will not ask you again. All you settings and files will still be the same.
If you click "R" earler you will go into another repair setup that you need to have setup on an earler instalation.


sounds to me like before you go about doing anything the previous people have said you should first remove the hard drive from the pc and place in another computer which is safe. Then access the files you would like to keep and copy them to the good pc.

When this is done, then try using windows repair and the other options as stated by the previous.


Isn't that for opening the Recovery Console?

Yes, and that's not what you want to do.

See here for XP repair help

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