Hi All,

Dont really know how to label this problem, hope someone can help.
The client still connects via dial up.

The client has an Asus notebook, running Vista, it generally works fine with no hassles as such, except this very strange occurance.

When you boot the machine and try to connect to the internet or mail or click an icon in this area, the area where the connect button would be, seems to be in a "dead area", the mouse does not work, it seems to be an area of 5cm x 10cm, all icons around this area are accessible and can be clicked on, I tried to get in to control panel to check settings but the same area in control panel was "dead", again all surrounding icons work.
When this first happened I checked the usual spyware, viruses and updates, also installed SP1 and it seemed fine for a week then it suddenly started again, it does eventually go away but can take 30 mins or so to "revive" itself. If anyone else has come across this problem could you please shed some light on it for me?

As I said previously everything else works fine so I do not see the need to do a full re-install. The graphics driver is also upto date, the machine is running a gig and a half of ram.

Thanks all

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