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I am working as a Unix admin and i will be sending out emails to my onsite departments for server maintenance.What i want to do with Outlook is

If i insert an email ID say server1@cmp.com in the TO box, can i set in the Outlook to auto-insert my Supervisor email ID say admin@cmp.com automatically instead of keying in manually.

I search in Google but cannot find any relevant sites. Will be helpful if could advice on the above


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Hi, I am not here to help you as I need all the help I can get. But why do you need to send yourself a copy of an email you have sent and is in your sent folder??



First of all I would say it's quite possible he will set up a schedule to auto send the message or send it at a later time. If that happens then he wants to remind himself as well. He may also just want them to see that he sent it and is aware, it may not be generated from his system as servers have the ability to auto send emails with a little work.

This should help you with your problem on the auto CC - it will also do a BCC if you prefer


it basically just redirects you to this


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