Alright here's whats going on. I have my friends computer which has been a problem repeatedly. Its had almost all of its parts replaced and for a while it was working perfectly. Then one morning when it starts up as it boots windows it just resets itself. This has been a problem before and I know the best way to fix that is to just reformat or repair windows. So I boot up the windows xp disk and stuff but then it says that it cannot detect any hard-drives. They are the newest addition to his pc so I'd like to think that they aren't completely destroyed.
The computer ran perfectly fine up till the time it didn't start up. There was nothing indicating that something wrong was gunna happen.

He has:
1 Dynex Model: DX-PS500W AC Input: 115/230V~, 60/50Hz, 7/4A Power Supply. Which is set to 115V.
2 80 GB seagate harddrives
1 BFG G-Force 7800 series graphics card
1 Asus A8N-SLI Premium Motherboard
2 512MB DDR Ram
1 CD-R Drive
1 DVD-R Drive
I can't see his processor but I'm gunna guess that's not the problem.

While I was looking I noticed that he has 4 HD ports that were arranged like...
--------------- -----------------
--------------- ----------------- <--- and both of the HD's were plugged into these ports which seems right.

As far as I've seen on the internet these are both individual problems but in order to fix one I need the other to be free.

I've given you every bit of info I can muster. What do you guys think?

I can attempt to take pictures of the inside if needed.

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You need to install the drivers for your HDs during installation of windows. I think you need to press F6 to install any Raid drivers as Windows starts its installation.


alright and how might I get those drivers to the computer. flash drive? he has no floppy drive. or are they already on the computer just not being used.

I found a thread on some other forum where the guy was looking for his drivers. I don't have my friends motherboard cd so how would I go upon getting the driver files from the internet. And from his post it seems I NEED a floppy drive. True?


It would be a lot easier to use a thumb drive or a CDRW/CDR. Download your drivers on another PC and copy to any removable media that your PC will accept.

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