i put new windows on my pc and now i have no sound at all i have tried everything possible please can some one help

did you check your sound card, Speaker, or Install your sound driver?

Have you checked the sound device/s in the
Device Manager ?
There may be a conflict or you may need to uninstall/re-install or update the drivers.
You may also have to disable the onboard sound if you have a sound card installed.

i dont know much about them if any one could explain how to do it please its packard bell with windows xp i changed from vista

Though one of XP's major selling points was that it does provide a whole whack of device drivers, it may not have had one for your sound. You can check to see if there is installed support for it by going to your control panel and checking your device manager:

Start -> Control Panel -> System (double-click the icon) -> Hardware (click tab) -> Device Manager (click button)

Under Sound, video and game controllers, see if there is a driver set up for your sound device. You may be looking for something like "Legacy Audio Drivers" or something like that.

You may also want to contact Packard Bell to see what their technical support says. Also you could Google up the model number and see if there's any information about obtaining supplemental drivers for your sound device directly from the Packard Bell site.

If all that seems like too much or their site isn't any help, you may want to just run Windows Update (you are running a legitimate copy of Xp, right?) and see if it offers an updated driver for your sound device.

If all that fails, maybe head over to a used computer parts store and pick up a $20 Sound Blaster or something. XP will certainly have drivers for that, I would think.


you have a cd of mother board. I think the sound dirver's software include this cd. find out it. it is easy if you know the name sound card. then install it. if you have no cd. then collect it from other. 1st find your sound card name.

Packard Bell often use SigmaTel C-Major Audio.
It may well be worth trying if you cannot accurately determine the manufacturer of your onboard sound.

i put new windows on my pc and now i have no sound at all i have tried everything possible please can some one help

Have you installed the driver for your sound card?

Realtek may be able to help you out. They have drivers compatiable with ALOT of sound cards