This is my frinends HP Pavilion Dv6000 laptop. She brought it to me yesterday, When it started up you would log in then it would say windows explorer could not start then restart the computer. I went to the F8 menu then cmd prompt ran sfc \ scannow it found and fixed curropt files and it boots to the desktop now and oprates normal except, I get Two diffrent bad image errors. I first tried system restore to the oldest date (6 months ago) nothing changed. then I verifyed the .dll's listed they all seem to check out. I have been doing computers for a long while now and im stumped short of a wipe and clean install which i really want to avoid due to all the programs and other stuff she has collected over the last 7 months she has had this computer.

The errors follow
C:\Programfiles\Windowsdefender\MpRtMon.dll 1 time a start up
C:\Windows\AppPatch\AcLayers.dll 3 times on start up

Also does anyone know if those downloadable programs such as registry fix that claim to fix .dll errors actully work on vista.

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