I try installing the audigy 2 zs platinum, all goes well till 95%, at 95% a window pops up but quickly disapears behind the program there are only two links to access with mouse called creative(the main installation), and installSheild Wizard(the actual installation of the program). There is no link to get to this popup window and there is no way to minimize the intallation the option is grayed. Is there another way to view your desktop(ex: if I had two monitors, one could hold the installation and my other one would enable me to access the popup window which i think is part of windows and a request for a window's sp2 file for the installation.) Unfortunetly, I dont have two monitors. If you have any suggestions, or need more information to answer, just give me a buzz(reply).
The creative support is useless,ive tried and there as clueless as I am. Its too bad I couldn't talk to their programmers, they would probably know what I'm talking about.

Maybe this, if you are using winxp ,do you have the Quilck Launch set on the lower toolbar ,if so there should be a little icon ther that is for showing the desktop.Thats if the tool bar is showing when you are running the install ,most time it is ,
if quick launch is not set then you can set it by right clicking on the lower tool bar ,go to tool bars and check off quick launch .