This is my first post, so sorry if it is in the wrong section.

I have Windows Vista and using WMP 11. I like it, and I like the way it organises my bands and albums. I am in the process of loading all my music on.
I have a problem though, and it might seem trivial but it's doing my head in because I like to have my music organised.

I have AcDc's discography, but when WMP puts it into the library, it puts it all in one big folder, instead of listing it album by album like the other bands. It is all organised in "Music" like the other bands, so I cant see a reason for it doing so.

Below is a screenshot incase my description is not good enouph.:


As you can see, the "Unknown" is AcDc, and I want it Organised like the other two. Any suggestions would be great, thanks.

Welcome to the site :)

It looks like your player cant ID that group....

Have you tried renaming "Unknown" to the band name?? (AcDC)

Good luck!