After being left idle for a little while, my computer stops responding and freezes. i first thought it was a problem with the sleep function, but i turned off sleep and it still has the same problem. i am not sure what would cause this sort of problem, and i would really appreciate it if someone would be able to help me out!

It could be cause by any of these things:

Software program
Device Driver
Operating system update
CPU/Case Fan not working..overheating
Hardware malfuction...hd, cd...etc
Could even be a serious issue with Win OS

Really need more details to give a more precise anwser. Have you installed any new hardware or software before this started to happen?

A while ago I installed Minitab statistical software, but I am not sure if the problem began before of after that. I have an issue if this is a problem because I need this software for a statistics class I have, so I wouldn't be able to remove it permanently until that class is over in december.

I have an hp dv6885se laptop if that helps with 3GB ram, 250GB hd.

I also had a problem with my dvd drive recently and had to fix that as well. Not sure if they're connected.