I was recently approached by my girlfriends dad about the latest version of "Microsoft Digital Image Pro" after looking into it it turns out Microsoft are no longer are working on that project. After telling him about Digital Image Pro, he was wondering for similar packages I recently got a demo of Serif PhotoPlus its pretty advanced just like Adobe Photoshop with a lot of filters, effects and so on.

As I have had no luck so far into what I'm looking for I'm wondering if any of you guys have any advice on a basic image editing package for home photo's that is simple and easy to use..

thanks very much

p.s. sorry if this is wrong place wasn't sure where to put it

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I'd suggest "adobe photosop album starter edititon" or Googles "Picassa". They're both easy to use, and featurefull enough for most home users. If he needs something more powerful and is willing to spend money on it Photoshop Elements is great.

PS: I'm a big fan of GIMP, it's free and powerful but no more user friendly than photoshop, maybe even a less.

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