TV not detected as secondary display device on laptop connected through S-Video to RCA adapter:(TV Out)
I have a compaq presario V3070TU laptop connected through S-Video out to the RCA input of my TV (Samsung CS-29K44ME).Laptop has Intel 945 mobile chipset as graphics card. I am unable to get my TV work as secondary display device as the laptop does not detect it at all. I have tried turning on the TV, then connecting the cable between laptop and TV and then booting the laptop,all but to no avail.I have tried switching to AV1 and AV2 sources on TV.In While in AV2, if I use the Fn+F4 combination key on laptop, the TV screen flickers a bit, but no desktop image appears.The Display properties of the Intel 945 chipset on the laptop does not detect the secondary display and shows only '1'(which is desktop) when click on 'Identify' button.All the RCA pins (Video and Audio) have been connected to the sides of the TV correctly.I appreciate any help in this regard.

In my experience, using adapters on a computers TV out is hit-or miss at best. The only way to be certain it will work is to keep with the same output format (RCA-RCA, S-Vid-S-Vid, ect...).

I see lots of compaq laptop users successfully using this S-Video-RCA adapter and hence this whole question.

like I said, Hit Or Miss, It really depends on the chipset/model/luck. If you're confident that this model can handle it I can make these suggestions:

Double check to make sure TV-output is enabled. This might seem like a no-brainer but on my laptop it's turned off by default.

Try it on another TV, if it recognizes that one you know it's something about the way that your TV and Laptop communicate with eachother.

Look online for instructions (or just forum information) about your specific laptop and TV output. There may be a trick or quirk that you need to know to make this one work.

Another option is to get a VGA-RCA/SVID adapter. They're pretty cheap online and essentially let you plug a RCA or S-VID adapter into your VGA port. This would essentially be the same configuration you have now, but from your VGA instead of your S-Video port.

You might also consider a faulty component in this set-up. Are the adapter and RCA cable known to be good?