So, I have 2 computers, both of which did an automatic update a few days ago.
Here are the problems I'm having:

My Personal Computer: Doesn't work at all! As Windows starts up there are either blue or green vertical lines spread accross the screen in groups of 5 or white dashes all over the screen, when it gets to the login in screen it just goes black and after 5 minutes reboots...

My Work Computer: Intermittently gives me 'the blue screen of death' and reboots, with no rhyme nor reason, sometimes I'll get a few hours, sometimes it'll reboot in 5 minutes.

Both problems began this weekend after the computers underwent an automatic update.

If this is happening to anyone else, or if you know the cause of the problems, please let me know

Regards, Oliver

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I have vista and last night at shutdown it automatically installed 8 updates. this morning when starting it up, just a black screen and cant even power it down.
i am sure there must be a way to get into safe mode to uninstall these updates. It is a new dell laptop so havent had much of a chance to mess it up. how do i get into it to uninstall the updates. i know how to uninstall but need to get into the system first. Help!


I dunno, mine still goes through the motions, it's only once I get to the login screen that it goes black... I've tried starting it in safe mode, but can't uninstall the update (It just gives me an error report) And I can't do "restore to last good setup" or whatever, 'cause when I try, it does nothing at all...


guys, I can only tell you that my daughter's Vista laptop went through the same thing last weekend. It's SP1 that it tried to update...

Luckily, it is a child's machine and she doesn't have any files or programs to lose (she's my Vista guinea pig), so I just did a system restore...but I warn you that took me most of the day. Vista reloads all the crap like Norton's on it's non-destructive restore and those programs alone took a few hours to reload. Maybe the full restore doesn't do that...somebody that tries it should let us know.

I'm not advocating doing a restore...just letting you know that I solved my problem this way!

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