Soo my computer totally shut off on me.. like I unpluged it or just shut off the main switch.. only I didn't lol.. Anyway... when I boot it up I get a message saying.... something about missing or corrupt file \windows\system32\config\system

so I add my XP disk in and reboot... I tried the recovery thing.. where you press R.. well that works to a certain point... such as I then need to press 1 and enter.. then I get a screen that says a bunch of stuff similar to another post someone made here.. but my error codes are.. stop 0x00000051 (0x00000003, 0x00000001, 0x003AB000, 0XE1236AB0)

I have also tried a complete format and recieve the same message... so is there a way to get around this? I have talked to tech support and they said to do the same stuff I did. So they were no help. But the guy I spoke too, although I could barely understand him. Heavy accent plus my children decided that was the time to scream and make noise lol.. anyway the guy said that if I have another computer I can something about a slave.. and use it to format the bad computer... does this make sense? I need to get this computer back.. I just need to wipe it clean and it will work perfectly. My laptop is Window Visita and the guy said it wasnt compatible so I cant use it.. but My friend has a desktop that she said I can use... but I wouldnt know how to do it.. anyone here able to give me a play by play? Thanks for all your help... oh and she also has a laptop if that is the only way... but her husband uses it for school and might be difficult to borrow for a long period lol.. anyway... enough rambling... I hope someone can help me

hmm, so a complete reformat didn't work?

Could it possibly be a hardware problem?

it would not let me get that far. The tech guy said I could do it using another computer.. but I didnt quite understand how to connect them so I could do it.

I don't know. :sad:

Why is it not doing a complete format? That's the question. Is it failing because of your hardrive or because the cdrom /dvd rom isn't reading the cd properly?

I am not sure.. I guess I will just drop it off with the guys who built it for me. Hopefully they can fix it for cheap.. lol yeah right oh well.. I want my desktop back so it is worth it