I just recently ran into a problem compiling a C++ project (no, I didnt mean to put this in the C++ forum). I got an error saying that a certain header file couldn't be opened (I had compiled with the same file before). I looked up the error and found that if a .h is read only this error will come up. I then find that the entire directory for the api (its qt btw) is read only (the box is filled, not checked). I remove the read only attribute, but when I check the properties again, its read only once again (UAC is disabled). I have found countless accounts of this on the internet, but none of the fixes worked for me (I tried changing the owner to my own user, disabling UAC, as i mentioned, and using the command line to change the attribute.)

Any ideas?

A possibly relevant topic: at around the same time this began happening, I noticed that my hard drive usage went down by around 90GB.... I have no idea why this happened or if its relevant, but any possible explanations for that would be nice too.

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its possible the file could have been archived

folder propertied -> advanced -> archive

also when you are the owner, did you pick to replace permissions on child objects? otherwise you will own the folder, but not the files

The folder is indexed but not archived.

Yes, I took control of the folder's children when I did the change of ownership (though I was already listed as the owner).

Oh, and it may be worth mentioning that not all files in the QT folder have this problem (not properly be included by the preprocessor). Only the my_version\include\QtXml files seem to be the problem.

Anyone? This is issue is really bugging me... (no pun intended)

wish i did, this one seems to be a doozy

what about changing the location of these files to another directory?
maybe some mysterious directory security issue

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