Not sure where to post this question.

I created a slideshow like I do every year for our halloween party in windows movie maker. I imported the music and sounds I wanted, but there is no sound when I playback the storyboard or timeline. If I click on the imported file in collections and select play clip, it plays fine. They play okay in windows media player also.

I downloaded Windows Media Encoder and converted the mp3 files to wma as suggested on another forum even though I haven’t had a problem with sound in the past. I also unchecked a filter ending in .ax. as suggested. I checked the audio levels. Still no luck.

I am running out to time!

Does anyone have any other suggestions I can try?

I have Win XP SP2 and am using Windows Movie Maker 2.1.4026.0

Thanks for your help.


Regarding the format of the music files, as I said, I converted any mp3 files to wma. Plus, there were a few wav files.