My problem is I can't connect to any secure websites. When we type in the URL the page comes up as " Page cannot be displayed" OR it will go to a browser direct search engine. We have even searching for the site on Yahoo or Google and when we click on it, the same thing happens. We have taken our computer to 2 different Best Buy's tech dept. and they can't find anything wrong because they are able to access secure sites with our computer at their location. We have also talked to tech support with Sprint, our internet provider, who says nothing is wrong from their end. We have also tried installing DSL and Dial-up on our computer with another internet provider and internet explorer will still not allow us to get onto secure websites. We cannot access certain email accounts, our bank online, and cannot buy anything online, etc. How can we fix this problem?
Any insight you have on this problem will be helpful- Thank you

What type of modem or router are you using?

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