Does anyone know what could be causing this? My Dad says the program will still run afterward, but the error worries him. He's had the problem for about two weeks now.

He's using Windows XP Professional Edtion Service Pack 2.

Have you tweaked any settings in xp?? Alot of people seem to think changin the page fileing is a good idea. Myself I think it turns your computer to garbage. That could be a cause. It happend to me thats how I leared to leave the page fileing alone lmao!! If you have not done any tweaking I can tell you this as well service pac 2 messed up my computer bad. I tried all the tweaks and hacks and in the end reloaded xp and left service pack 2 off my computer. You could have a virus maybey?? Or spyware. You may try to run programs to check thoes problems out. If worse comes to worse back up all your programs and reload windows from scratch. You may even try a registry cleaner. That could help. Just a few Ideas I hope helps you out. A program I refuse to live without is system mechanic. You can download a free 30 trial at Hope this helps and best of out.