:sad: hi all :sad:

my prolem started like this.. :-|
i formatted my laptop..before 5 weeks ...
after that i tried to reinstall the modem because it wasn't working..so i did.. :!: .then i restarted my computer.. :cry: and here my problem began... :!:

this error appears every time i try to start my windows.
windows have found a new hard ware and trying to locate......etc.
then a small window interrupt..and says...Cmdninst.exe has caused an error in explorer.. explorer now will close....and then a blue error page appears..and windows will stop responding
i have all my files on laptop...and there is no way to get these files back...so please help.. :cry:

note: i can only run windows in the safe mode...and not in normal mode..
help :cry:

Obviously something went wrong during the installation of your modem. Try to uninstall or deactivate it in sáfe mode. If you can start your computer in normal mode after that, try a clean installation of the modem drivers.

And you should always post informations about your operating system.


i cant uninstall or install anything...in safe mode..but am thinking of a way to disable the system from installing my modem??is there a way for that?

i cant uninstall or install anything...in safe mode..

Of course you can, in the Device Manager, that's what the safe mode is there for! And that's also where you can deactivate your modem.

Since I don't know what Windows version you are using, here's the way to get to the Device Manager:

Windows 98/ME:

Start->Settings->Control Panel->System->Device Manager

Windows 2000(?)/XP

Start->Control Panel->System->Hardware->Device Manager

Right-click on your modem to uninstall it.


i deleted..the modem...but now every time the pc starts..this window opens...a new hardware found====>modem====>then error(cmdninst)=====>then the cmputer freeze...what shall i do..i really need the files on my computer..and i can't just format it...cuz i lose every thig :cry:
by the way am using me windows version.
thanks for help

Deaktivate the modem in safe mode (if not installed, the modem should be called 'pci communication controller' or similar). Then get the latest drivers for the modem from the HP of the laptop-manufacturer and install them. Or if you don't need it, leave it disabled.