I have been having connection issues with my newly built system. I was able to activate windows and connect to internet but things were running extremely slow (I still have dial-up which made it even worse). Now I can connect but can't open a web page. Modem diagnostics says I have bad phone lines so I took my computer to my parents and hooked it up to there high-speed.

Once again I could open pages but still extremely slow or no response.

What is the problem with my system? When I built the new computer I used my old hard drive and loaded XP Pro instead of Home but wasn't paying much attention and made a dual boot. I don't know if this has any effect on things. When I open my internet connections folder there is a Gateway connection running that I try to kill but always reconnects.

Any clues? Your help is greatly appreciated.

Have you installed your drivers??? It could be drivers...

Try that first.

I think they are all installed but I can't get a connection long enough or strong enough to check anything. There isn't anything in device manager that isn't loaded.

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