How can an Exchange 2000/Outlook user receive emails into different folders/inboxes for each alias. For example, wish mail to wajohnson, walt.johnson, and walterj to all be received into separate inboxes or folders.
The outlook email rules (and functions within) do not recognize any difference between an received email to 2 different aliases. There seems to be no differentiation in the header.

People tell me this is impossible.

(why needed - so we can finally remove the spoiled/spammed aliases and addresses AND know that they have not received anything business related to it lately)

I'm having the same problem. Did you find a fix to this?


It's a little bit fiddly but here's how:

Create all of your different mail accounts (Tools\E-mail Accounts) and then create a new Inbox for each account. Mail me if you need help with this too.

You'll need to do the following for each account that you want to use as an alias.

Then........Click on Tools\Rules and Alerts
Click on New Rule then check "Start from a new rule"

Highlight "Check messages when they arrive" and click Next
At step 1 - tick "Through the specified account" and "On this machine only"
At step 2 - click on the word "specified" and select the email account to apply this to & click OK then click on the word "specified" again and select the folder/inbox to apply this to and click OK
Click Next and Next again without making any further changes

Give it a name (just for your own reference) and ensure that "Turn on this rule" is checked. You can also tidy up your inbox straight away by ticking "Run this rule on messages already in "Inbox""

Repeat it for each email address you want to apply this to and click OK

Rob Dore

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