After installing Adobe Photoshop, the program associated all of my JPG and GIF files with it, and I like it this way. My JPG and GIF icons now have a Photoshop icon, and clicking on them opens Photoshop.

However, I've since installed Macromedia Studio MX. Since doing that, Macromedia Fireworks stole away the GIF and JPG associations from Photoshop. I right-clicked on a jpg file and selected Choose Program. I clicked on Photoshop and chose to always open with this program.

Now, my JPG files have a Fireworks icon but open with Photoshop. Is there anyway to reset the Photoshop defaults? How can I fix the icon?

It's not a big deal, but it's a little quirk that is bothering me.

Try this ,open windows Explorer /tools/file types /scroll to the Jpg ,hilite it ,then /Advanced/ then you will see change Icon ,you may need to find where the photoShop icons are stored ,you will need to do this for both file types .