its bull it will still continue with or without cash

thats the beauty of opensource. Lots of software is developed almost entirely due to donations and voluenteers.

it will still continue with or without cash.

my gut feeling is it cant continue with out cash!

many opensource projects run with no cash at all

konqueror for example isnt a well known web browser but its pretty good. runs on a shoestring budget.

yeah ,but when you are #2 or close to it, it takes more to stay on top

he reviewer can't spell!!!

source VS sauce!!

and i quote:

While Mozilla has three years worth of contract with Google left to run, it does put the Open Sauce browser in a vulnerable position.

What could trigger Google falling out of love with the Open Sauce outfit?


open the the sauce, then what? put it on the hot faux??

Lol yeah open sauce

Firefox has a very bright future as it provides the best service as per me and i would suggest everyone to use Firefox..........

Mozilla rox...........

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