Im having windows XP Professional in my laptop. 2 weeks before i got internet connection. everything was working properly. but for the past 4 days net is not working. i call the network professionals to see what is the problem. but they said , laptop has some problem and i have to reformat it. but my LAN connection , everything is ok. i donno how to reformat it. but i dont think that my laptop has some problem, can anyone tell me any idea to fix the prob...?

in my signature are two program to help clean you laptop , atf cleaner and superantispyware ,run atf ,then superantispyware and clean computer ,might help .run them and post back results

So what type of connection are you making use of? Is it a company network or a private one?

What you can do is to check if you're drivers is correct:
Right click my computer> manage>device manager>
and see if theres a yellow exclamation mark when you for you're network device

If theres no exclamation mark in you're Device manager under Network devices then do the following
Go to start >Run >type cmd >type: ping www.google.co.za -t

Please let me know of all results and questions asked



Im having a laptop in home. Its not company network. mine is connected thru LAN. No wireless connection.
I did search in My Computer. But no exclamation mark was there.
Before that i have to tell u one thing. Suddenly my net is working now. but i donno, what happened. i did not do anything to recover the error. So , if again the problem comes?
what i have to do?