I have two windows 2000 computers I am having trouble connecting to the internet.
The first is a dell laptop. It has an ethernet port, but when I plug the cord into it no light turns on and the computer does not pick it up. Also when looking at the computers hardware, there is no option about "Network". I was thinking I should buy a PCMIA card with an ethernet port. Do you think that would work or is there another solution?
The second is a desktop. It has an IP address and everything set, and when I plug the cord into the ethernet port the light turns on, but it wont go to websites, is there some settings or something I need to change so that it can go onto websites?

you need to check both computers device manager and make sure that the network adapters are correctly installed .
device manager .right click on mycomputer go properties, then hardware ,/device manager . hit the + by network adapters ,