Hi all,

I loged into windows 2003 server with an user name and password.I need to check whether My account is having administrative rights using the command prompt.

I tried to install an application in between it through a message as it is not an administrative user.

I need to run a script or bat file so that it will show whether the current user is having administrative right.

Please help

Are you wanting to check local (just the computer) admin rights, or domain rights???

yes I am looking for local machine.
Not for Domain right's

oh, for local admin rights that is easy to check.

Make sure you can install something. See if you can get into and system configurations like msconfig (Start > Run > type msconfig > hit enter), see if you can get into control panel, see if you can change the time, see if you can see a new desktop and / or screensaver.

If you can't do most of those, then you don't have local admin rights.

That is how i can check at school :P :D

if you are unable to run lusrmgr.msc, then you don't have local admin priveledges