Can anyone out there help me, please.
I had an e-machine with XP home installed. the machine died the death BUT I managed to salvage the hard drive.
Working by studying here and other forums I have created an i386 file of the installation on CD.
When I tried installing it on another machine I was getting the NETUPGRD.dll missing error.
I downloaded a copy of this file and by copying both this file and the i386 to my hard disk, I can now get a little further.
Now I get an error about missing netmap.inf.
If I ignore this error the installation will accept the original key but still not install.
Can anyone take the time to write a description of what I need to do, or better still take the time to get with me, one on one, to try and fix this.
I really do not want to waste a perfectly good and legal Windows XP for the sake of a little extra knowledge.

Hi Igor056,
I understand your wanting to save the XP License, but its probably an OEM Version for your eMachine correct?
If so the license dies with the computer, I can't help you its piracy

yurp your emachines copy is OEM, you arent supposed to use it on another pc

Well, you could help, because the final arbiter on this matter is M$, and they will make their authority known when validation is sought. M$ do allow upgrading, parts replacement, and if a machine is more than a year old it can be major surgery. Don't they track the MAC.addy? Which is very likely tied to the e-machine by a block of codes, and so M$ would know a different NIC was in place, not an emachine, and so express their judgement on that? I dunno, I just wondering.. and I don't know the finer points of the software licences.
All I know about those two files is that they should be in i386 for the OEM Setup's purposes. But I don't know how to help.

I've been doing OEM for 15+ ears now and its piracy plain aND simply.
OEM is the reason its so much cheaper then Retail, here in Canada the fines for piracy are steep.
Do I agree with it, no not really but its still piracy, isf someone else was to help you from this board I would expect the Administrators to step in.
Besides with the way the markets are going Bill need s the money LOL

Thanks, I had a horrible idea that someone would say that.
Guess I had better give up with that one and go buy another copy.
Thanks anyway
Igor 056

looking around, it dows seem that you must keep the same make/model mb, or similar replacement from that manufacturer, igor. But then again, it does seem also that M$ makes exceptions and accepts other mbs in some cases. They make the rules, they enforce or bend them. As I said it is up to them.