icons(i think they are IE ones) such as "website hosting" "poker" "casino online" "travel" appear everytime i log into windows and they multiply until they completely cover the desktop :eek: and this happens to every one of the XP users on my computer.

i've tried using adaware, spybot, and pestpatrol to get rid of everything i can but nothing works. HELP PLEASEEEEEEE!!!!!!

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If caperjacks link didn't help you can..

Try downloading Hijackthis


Run the program and save the log file somewhere easy to find. Open the log file and copy the entire thing into one of the threads or areas helping to analyze hijackthis logs... if no one can help you decipher the log copy your log file to the box here..


.. and click submit, it will show you any malicious and suspicious entries and you can go from there.

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