First of all you good people a really great. I have learned so much from you guys. I also notice not allot of flames and such. Thats so cool. My question is this. It seems like in my experience that no 1 computer runs or acts the same even with the same programs and hardware. Example. On my system maxthon browser smokes the rest of the browsers hands down. A friend of mine same system same ram all that and firefox is the fastest for him. So am I crazy?? My ex sure thinks so lmao. Seems like programs are the same as well. Example I love I Tunes. Buddy of mine I tunes is really slow on his computer. We have same computers. He knows about as much as I do. Runs spy ware programs anti virus. Stuff like that. Does this seem like the norm?? I appreciate your imput.........peace........im out

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My thoughts ,no matter how close to being the same no computers are exact!!One program conflicting could cause the difference


Hardware being equal different software other than that which is being compared can make a difference.

You put Nero on one machine and Roxio on another and Roxio will drastically slow down other programs and cause conflicts...

If you both had the same software as well as the same hardware then you could do a better comparison (sp)

But add in one poorly written app to one machine and you can have some real performance issues even if it is not the app you are testing...

Just my 2Centavos...
Happy New Year to All

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