I have a dell 4400 desktop with windows xp. I upgraded the cd drive to dvd drive. It has been working ok until now. My computer doesn't reconize it. I had to install Nero for the dvd drive because it wouldn't work with media player. What can I do? I wanted to try to correct it before putting it in the shop. I tried to do a system restore and my computer will not let me go back. I check the system restore setting and it's on but it doesn't want to let me go back in time. I can't figure out what on earth is causing that. I may have to have windows xp wiped out and reloaded. Can anyone help? Oh by the way I put in a cd drive this morning to see if the dvd player was bad and the computer will not operate it either. I gave me a message that the "IN CD helper in not correctly installed". Is this my problem? Where can I download it?


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Here is a message I get when I used the wizard to dectect new hardware or existing hardware.
(Windows successfully loaded the device driver for this hardware but cannot find the hardware device. (Code 41))
Please help if you know the answer.

try to uninstall the in cd or your nero..go to add or remove programs..make sure that your dvd is connected properly...

Have you tried uninstalling the drive, then reboot, and then reinstalling the drive? Also see if the drive will work on another computer. See also if all your cables are still tight.

Edit: I see that cguan and myself posted the same thing almost same time.

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