I'm trying to install IE 6.0 on a machine that doesn't yet have web access. I wanted to download the full 6.0 from another machine, burn it on a CD, then install from the CD on the new machine. But on the Microsoft site it just has you download a stub, then it wants to connect to the web for the rest of the download. Where can I get the full 6.0 install so I don't need a web connection?

Thanks a bunch guys!


Why not set up your internet access first?

ps-450 Thanks alot, just what I needed!
cscgal - Because I cannot easily do so. It's long and complicated and I've learned in these forums not to give too much information, because when people can't answer the question, they find something in what you wrote that they can answer.

An off the top of my head example:
Fred asks: I thought about getting Word but I like Wordperfect better, where can I buy it?
Forum member #1: Why don't you like Word?
Forum member #2: Word can do everything Wordperfect can do, it's better.
Forum member #3: Wordsquirrel is better than either of them.
Forum member #4: Tell me what features you like in Wordperfect and I'll tell you how to do it in Word.
And they go on and on, because they don't know where to buy Wordperfect so they answer the question not asked.

Thanks for reading my little rant and for the help.


You're Welcome :)

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