Hi Guys,

if our DC has gone down then what will be our first step for the same that keep on everything working in domain

from Amit kushwaha

What the hell are you talking about ?? DC as in Direct Current, or DC as in Washington DC?

More info please:

You on an old NT4 style domain? Or an AD domain?
Which functional level? win2k? 2003? 2008?
How many servers you got?
How are they set up?
You got backups?

What the hell are you talking about ??

A MS domain - domain controller has gone down. The DC stores the policies, usernames, etc... and is what you login against.

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Sounds a lot like an exam question on some sysadmin course.

DC =Domain controler
its windows 2003 ,an Active directory domain and we have one DC and ADC and one Child DC.if we have backup or not then what we do

My DOmain controler has gone down what should be next step,
conditios is-
we have one DC , ADC and aslo one child DC and we are using Windows 2003,Active directory .please suggest me