I am running Windows XP and after downloading service pack 3 I have not been able to access the control panel, My Computer, My Pictures, etc. When I right click on Start and then left click on "Explore" I get an error message and cannot drill down. I run Trend Micro Security Pro as virus protection. I have used System Restore to go back to an earlier configuration but the problem persists. After reading threads here at daniweb I have downloaded Spybot and have run that and have cleaned up a few viruses. I have downloaded Hijack This and have run that as well. Can anyone offer some help ?

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well if it happened after you install sp3 then why are you running spyware tools ,did you try hitting f8 on startup and go to safe mode ,see if you can ,and if you can go to control panel see what happens ,if you can go to add and remove programs and uninstall sp3 . and if that does nothing for you go to antivirus/spyware and other nasties of this forum and read the top stickies and do as suggested .do not post hijackthis log here .

I used system restore and went back to my set up before I downloaded SP3 and I believe that means that the SP3 updates are not running now . When I go into safe mode I have the same problems - cannot access My Computer, My documents, control panel etc. I figured I had a virus and ran the spyware tools.

Right now I do not know for sure if this is an SP3 related problem or a virus issue and not sure what top stickies I should follow.

Ok, problem is solved. I ran SFC/scannow and the problems seems to be solved.



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