It seems on SOME sites, I can access the main page & if I am to go any further I get the DNS type error??? I do run XP., Verizon DSL...Is there anything that can be checked.

Also, curious when you get those sites that have the red X on them, & no pictures, is there a setting to change to avoid that happening..Why does that happen?


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djm, has this happened Just recently or is it an ongoing problem & also are you with AOL per chance? & also when you say red x what do you mean? Do you mean page not found or just a red x...Are u using Internet Explorer, mozilla, netscape etc..?
DNS stands for domain name server.
A DNS is a computer that you connect to via your ISP(like AOL) which converts whatever web address you type in the address bar(like www.aol.com) into an I.P address like you can fix this by specifying to internet explorer to use a different DNS machine. Let me know if this makes sense and I'll tell you how to do that. If not then bash me over the head with a big stick and let us know a website that doesn't work properly.


which is

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